He was wrong only by two

Jack was the football coach at an American college. He always tried to find good football players for his team. Jack trained his players very well. They were good at runnung, jumping, swimming, rowing and different games. They often took part in races and practically always won. All Jack’s players were tall strong men, excellent sportsmen and just nice people.

They hardly ever gave him trouble and the college team was the best in their state. Regular training, keeping to a diet and a lot of exercises were very important for the spotsmen. They always followed the coach’s advice and recieved good and exellent results in all home and international comititions and matches. They seldom lost a game, hardly ever ended matches in a draw. In fact they practically always won.

The only trouble with some of his football players was their poor knowledge of many school subjects because the sportsmen were often poor at maths, English, etc. and it was not always easy for them to become college students.

One day the coach brought an exellent young football player to the Professor of the college. The Professor had to ask the young player a few questions. The Professor chose very easy questions but the boy couldn’t answer them. At last the Professor asked: «Well, what’s five times seven?»

The student thought for a long time and then answered: «Thirty-six».

The Professor shook his head and looked at the coach. «It’s impossible!» he said. «I don’t want to punish your team. I understand he can throw a ball verywell but , alas, he doesn’t know mathematics at all. He can’t be a student.»

But the coach seriously asked: «Oh, please, sir! Let him become a student. He was only wrong by two.»

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